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6 Signs Kate Middleton Might Really Be Pregnant

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Do you think she is going to use a Midwife?

How about, do you think she will have prenatal and postpartum physical therapy?

What Were They Thinking? The Most Awkward Pregnancy Photos Ever

Nothing is more beautiful than a tasteful portrait of a pregnant belly, but have a look at these strange maternity photos. I think you will find yourself wondering “What were they thinking?” Click here.


9 Simple Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Here are a 9 simple steps you can take lower your cholesterol levels and decrease your heart disease risk. Learn how to follow a heart-healthy lifestyle. Click Here

10 Wacky Health Crazes from Around the World

Read about the top 10 wackiest health crazes and I particularly liked the hypopressive exercise clip

What do you think?


Sleep away those extra pounds…

“Just like your body needs sleep to function, your fat cells need sleep too.Turns out, sleepy fat cells are bad for health, TV 10-55′s Katie McGee reports.”

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Beware, DIET FOODS can make you gain weight!

Are you on a diet and do you think eating foods labeled low fat, non fat and no sugar are helping you lose weight?

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Reduce Infant Crying at Night by 54%!


Why does wearing  your baby while performing house hold chores or running errands for 3 hours a day have extra added benefits? = The power of touch

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